Advisory for IT Departments: Passwords Security and Federated Single Sign-On

Passwords are stolen and hacked because they are sometimes stored in clear-text form. So please do not store passwords in clear in a Database. It is advised that passwords be stored hashed and encrypted. It is preferred that passwords be stored in directories. Any LDAP standard based directory is a good choice. Microsoft Active Directory […]

Cloud Hosted and Managed SSO Service: Flat-Fee, Unlimited Users

Flat-fee Cloud-hosted and Managed SSO Service. As you know Cloud Computing has taken off in a big way, growing by double/triple digits in some markets. Cloud Computing continues to be adopted by the IT departments as an extension to their existing data centers. 9STAR has taken the lead in revolutionizing the Shibboleth SSO technology by […]

2017 is almost here. Are you ready to modernize your SSO IT security infrastructure?

Leading the Shibboleth SSO IT Security Revolution. Low Cost, High ROI. Currently, many IT departments from different Industries have expressed interest in expanding their network IT infrastructure to include federated single sign-on (SSO). At 9STAR, we specializes in delivering enterprise-grade end-2-end federated SSO software solutions. We have been deploying our SSO solution for 15+ years […]

Difference between Elastic SSO Team and Enterprise Edition Solutions

Elastic SSO Team is an Identity Provider cloud software that provides SAML standards based Single Sign On (SSO) as well as user account and credential management (IDM – Identity Management) capabilities. Customers can provision unlimited user accounts on-demand over the Web and enable SSO access to unlimited number of Apps, all for a flat-fee. Elastic […]

Elastic SSO Team Upgraded to Version 3.0.13 – Available from AWS Marketplace

9STAR’s flagship Elastic SSO Team software has been upgrade to version 3.0.13, and is exclusively available from the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Elastic SSO Team is a turnkey software solution that enables SAML federated single sign-on as well as provides full¬†identity and password management capabilities. Customers can easily manage the SSO instance in the AWS cloud […]

Shibboleth SP software upgraded to version 2.6.0.

A new version 2.6.0 of the Shibboleth SAML Service Provider (SP) software has now been released, first major feature upgrade in several years. It superseeds all previous versions of the Shibboleth Service Provider software. Shibboleth SP is one of the most popular, widely-deployed and tested SAML middleware. It improves application security and enables secure federated […]

SaaS Developers adopt Elastic SSO Team on AWS – The Cloud Single Sign-On Solution!

Thousands of SaaS Developers and Departmental IT Managers have adopted the Elastic SSO Team Cloud Solution on AWS for provisioning, hosting and managing their external user (customers, vendors, partners, contractors) identities and credentials in the Cloud. Elastic SSO Team on AWS provides easy to use identity management as well as federated single sign-on (SSO) access […]

End of Life announced for Shibboleth 2. Upgrade to Shibboleth 3 Now!

A new version 3.X of the Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) software has now been released. It superseeds all previous versions of the Shibboleth Identity Provider software including the popular version 2.X. The Shibboleth Identity Provider software has a staged End-of-Life process that is currently in progress and will be complete by 31 July 2016. No […]

Elastic SSO Team Identity Provider on AWS now available as annual subscription

Elastic SSO Team on AWS: 15% discount when purchased as an annual subscription! For the first time, Elastic SSO Team SAML Identity Provider cloud software is available as an annual subscription (in addition to hourly subscription). So when customers pay upfront for use of Elastic SSO for the whole year, customers get 15% discount of […]