Shimla SSO

Shimla SSO software enables Shibboleth SAML standards compliant secure extranet single sign-on (SSO) remote access to Joomla CMS servers.

In addition to SAML authentication, Shimla software automatically provisions authorized users from trusted partner institutions into Joomla, based on the configured access rules. As a result, only users from trusted partner organizations are provisioned into the Joomla server on-the-fly and given appropriate level of access to secure parts of the Joomla Server.

Use Cases

  • Secure remote access to Joomla using Shibboleth SAML.
  • Shibboleth SAML compliant federated SSO access to Joomla.
  • Secure multi-institution partner collaborations using the Joomla CMS platform.
  • Secure remote access to cloud hosted Joomla using local AD/LDAP credentials.

Key Features

  • Uses Shibboleth SAML as a secure Internet SSO authentication source
  • Auto-create user accounts in Joomla based on SAML attributes
  • Map SAML attributes to Joomla groups and roles
  • Plug-and-play support for Shibboleth SAML identity federations such as InCommon, UK federation, AAF, Edugate, KID federation, and others.
  • Supports unlimited number of configurable Shibboleth SAML Identity Providers, Federations and Users
  • Easy to configure one or more Shibboleth SAML identity providers
  • Works with any 3rd party standard off the shelf SAML Identity Provider
  • Product setup, configuration and use documentation.
  • Premium support subscription options are available.


  • Secure online multi-institution collaborations. Improved productivity.
  • Reduced Joomla administration costs. No need to manually create user accounts anymore. Configure business rules once and let Shimla take care of the rest.
  • Reduced help desk operations costs and liabilities. User credentials are no longer stored or managed at the Joomla servers.
  • Improved user satisfaction!! Single sign-on access for end-users.
  • Privacy, security and regulatory compliance
  • Open standards compliant: SAML and Shibboleth.
  • Faster time to market Joomla based Services to customers.