Customer Success Stories

Methanex Corporation
9STAR’s Elastic SSO federated single sign-on (SSO) access software solution enabled Methanex to switch from a competitive SSO solution to Elastic SSO without any downtime while reducing IT costs and gaining in performance and reliability.

Key Highlights

  • Enable windows desktop based SSO authentication for federated SSO access to cloud hosted SaaS apps and services.
  • Robust, reliable, high-performance SSO solution for supporting large number of users and apps.
  • Provision unlimited apps and users without incurring any additional ongoing IT costs.
  • Quality technical deployment support from an Industry leader.

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Goodwin College
Elastic SSO Team on AWS provided Goodwin College the ability to adopt 3rd party vendor hosted Online Information Services for their mobile users (students and staff) in a safe secure fashion.

Key Highlights

  • Rapidly integrate online cloud resources and apps for secure access via federation connector.
  • Leverage existing user repositories for provisioning and de-provisioning.
  • Easy integration with the Internet2 Higher-Education InCommon Federation.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs by implementing a fully-managed cloud SSO solution.
  • Reduced IT helpdesk costs due to implementation of single password based access.

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American Society of Microbiology (ASM)
Elastic SSO provides a seamless federated single sign-on (SSO) access system for thousands of Microbiologists from around the world for accessing Cloud-hosted ASM and Partner Online Services.

Key Highlights

  • Leverage existing subscriber account stores to enable secure single sign-on access to partner Cloud resources.
  • Enable role based authorized access to ASM and Partner provided services.
  • Rapid integration of Partner resources into ASM’s SSO ecosystem using open standards based application SSO connectors.
  • Reliable and low-cost SSO service by adopting Cloud-based delivery model.
  • Round the clock technical support from an Industry leader.

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Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
Elastic SSO enables RCN to provide Cloud-hosted online learning environment for Nurses from all over United Kingdom.

Key Highlights

  • Enable secure single sign-on access to partner e-Library resources using federation connector.
  • Rapid on-boarding of new cloud-hosted 3rd party learning services.
  • Easy integration with the UK Access Management Federation.
  • Leverage existing user account store for easy provisioning and de-provisioning of users.
  • A fully-managed Cloud SSO instance hosted in the UK minimizes compliance risks.

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Total Merchant Services (TMS)
Elastic SSO Team on AWS provides TMS the ability to rapidly on-board thousands of their customers for secure federated SSO access to hundreds of their e-commerce sites offered by them and their business partners.

Key Highlights

  • Enable easy web based on-boarding of users and customers.
  • Reduced IT costs. Users are able to self-manage their user accounts including user identities and passwords.
  • Compliant with open standards such as PCI, Shibboleth, and SAML.
  • Easy web-based on-boarding of their e-commerce sites as well as partner sites into their SSO eco-system.
  • Load-balanced configuration for high-availability and better performance.

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Baylor College of Medicine (BCM)
Elastic SSO Shibboleth SAML Software provides an enterprise-grade, high-availability SSO solution that is deployed on-premises for thousands of users (students, staff and faculty). The SSO servers are integrated with hundreds of apps for secure federated SSO access for students, faculty and researchers.

Key Highlights

  • ShibbolethV3 and SAML 2.0 open standards compliant secure SSO solution.
  • Easy integration with existing identity management and authentication infrastructure on campus.
  • Easy to integrate and interoperate with the Internet2 InCommon Federation SSO connector.
  • Integrated with hundreds of SAML SP Apps for higher-education and research.
  • Load-balanced configuration for high-availability and better performance.

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